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Don't Judge a Song by it's Cover STUPID!!!

2012-12-08 13:14:46 by NeverHundred

I want to talk about the song Stupid girl. The one by Garbage? No, not that one. The one byCold? Not, that one either. Neither of those are covers of the song I'm thinking about today.

If you don't know The Rolling Stones then. What can I say, 60's garage rock. And the band kept playing music... forever. I guess they're pretty popular or something. I'll admit that I like a lot of their songs. Gimme Shelter is probably my favorite song of it's decade. their lead singer is Mick Jagger... you might have heard of him before.

But I'm not here to talk about that song. I'm talking about Stupid Girl.

The song hits in with some stupid drums, a stupid organ and some sort of stupid guitar rift. Mick Jagger sings stupid lyrics in a stupid voice. The lyrics are lightly misogynistic. Did you know that she's not just a stupid girl, she's not just a stupid girl but she's the worst thing in this world! The songs chorus and verses are blandly similar. There seems to be a short bridge that shifts it up about a minute and twenty into the song. It doesn't matter if she dyes her hair or the color of the shoes she wears! I like the instrumental bit, kind of has the lead guitar solo, and the backing vocals saying something like "shop. yup." I don't quite know, it says the lyrics are "shut-up." But it's not what I hear.

The cover is by Ellen Foley. You obviously know who she is. She's an actress and singer. Probably best known for singing a duet with Meatloaf, the song Paradise by the Dashlight. Also something about The Clash's, Should I Stay or Should I Go... I don't know, that might have been about her.

Here's her cover of Stupid Girl.

That guitar rift is about as inspired as the original... this is going to be, whoa... a saxophone! I like the rockobilly piano too, the drums are pretty heavy and driving. And Ellen Foley's voice is very good, she is an excellent vocalist. Although there isn't much of a change in the general rift, the sax gives some dynamics. The piano also feels really lively so it keeps the song alive.

So I can't really hide that I prefer the cover. Maybe it's because of the context. I mean the original might come off as misogynistic, but it could just be about how much this guy really can't stand this stupid girl. Or take Gotye's, Someone That I Used To Know. The song is about a douchebag, sure but he was hurt and people have feelings and that makes them act like idiots, we all can relate to that. Gotye sells that in his song. Mick Jagger doesn't sound like it's a big deal, it sounds like he's just mildly annoyed with this stupid girl. Big fucking deal.

But in Ellen Foley's case, her voice emphasizes how much she can't stand that bitch! Could it be because stupid girl stole her man, or maybe she says horrible things about her behind her back. I'd believe it, and so I can emphasize with her. It could even be that the stupid girl is a air headed moron who uses her looks and girlish demeanor to not only get what she wants, but reinforce gender stereotyping. Suddenly a song that could have misogynist tendencies is kind of like the opposite of that. Whatever the case is, the contempt she has is palpable while in the original it was mild. That is why this cover works better then the original song.


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2012-12-08 15:02:47

Back in the day you were either a Rolling Stone or a Beatle, I wasn't around back in the day, but if I were, I reckon I would have been a Rolling Stone.

Actually I'd have sat on the fence, but they might have played their music so loud that the vibrations would knock me off the fence.

A cover that's better than the original song, hello! plot twist!

Hello! Nietzlawe doesn't normally talk like a Californian girl. What's going on? What's going off? What's going down? How many Ellen Foley and Axel Foley collabs does it take to change a lightbulb.

You have made me feel like getting back into music and creating some new songs to put on NG, oh yeah baby, time to hit the comeback trail. I'm going to get myself FL and create musical fusion baby, musical fusion is better than Gilette fusion, which cut my lip.

NeverHundred responds:

I cut my lip on a kiss once, a kiss of death.

It's not the first time the cover was deemed the best. Zeromancer's cover of Send Me An Angel.

Funny story, I'm going to go see a cover band tonight. Maybe I'll write a review on them.


2012-12-09 16:06:01

I cut my lip on a Kiss concert ticket. Those cardboard burns are quite nasty.

I once went to see a cover band live, but they were so bad I had to cover my ears.

I'm just happy that you have got me back into music, I really feel like making music again, but this time with more care and dedication so that my songs feel polished.

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

You should make a polka song.


2012-12-10 16:53:03

First I need to remember 'how' to make a song, then I need to learn how to make a polka song, then I need to actually make the polka song.

There is a lot to take in, and that's just the homeless people outside my house.

NeverHundred responds:

Are they going to be in the band?


2012-12-11 17:32:46

No, but they are going to be banned from my house. I've allowed them to sit in the garden and play excessively loud music until I wake up or my neighbours complain.

NeverHundred responds:

In the garden... is one of them a gnome?


2012-12-12 09:58:46

No, but one of them is a genome soldier who tried shooting my windows through today.

NeverHundred responds:

That's probably something you should get looked into.


2012-12-12 21:28:59

I once looked into two windows at the same time, in one room, a man was beating his wife, beating her at the new Nintendo Wii game he had just bought.

What? Did you think I was going to make a joke by glamouring domestic violence? No way Jose, not me, never, nada, The Devil Wears Prada, whadda' hell am I talka' 'bout? The bout the other day between two boxers wearing nothing but boxers, holding boxer dogs on leashes, making pre-fight speeches to get the crowd in screeches. Now they are sat like wild donkeys baying.. no wait... braying for my blood.

Oh yeah, through the other window, I saw my soul. And it wasn't good. I soul little to suggest that I had a soul. The only soul I've ever had was Soul Calibur 2. If I did have a soul, you could probably measure the size of it using calipers and fortunately at that moment in time I would be in Korea, and they would be my Seoul Calipers.

I'd rather watch a girl in jodhpurs jog with a pert butt, while also wearing an odd pair of modified copper bracelets on each wrist. I feel frisky, but approaching her is risky, so I'll have a shot of whisky to give me some Dutch courage, but it didn't give me Much courage, I needed encouragement on an embankment watching men who watch the film Watchmen while getting spanked on the enspankment. I'm teetering on the edge of reason, these words of mine need seasoning, but there is just no reasoning with me once the ball starts rolling and the ten-pins start falling.

Oh yeah, the genome window solder incident. Yeah I'll take your advice and get it looked into. Sorry to stray off topic, the earlier paragraphs 'we need to chop it' said my co-director who has put them on the DVD as bonus extras. Nextra' the deleted scenes and the 'how we made this film featurette', the buckets we had to sweat.. into buckets, then those buckets of sweat were taken to The Unfunny Farm and served as refreshing drinks to the inmates and the outmates and the ship mates who ship crates late then get whipped because their crate service isn't great.

Crate service, I didn't think it even existed. What beer have I been drinkin' tonight to fire up such wild allegations and allegories that are allegedly legendary.

Oh yeah, my window I should get it looked into. I'll book a voyeur, they know how to look into windows at ladies removing their bras, before the curtains furiously close.

NeverHundred responds:

Sometimes I feel like a deleted scene.


2012-12-14 14:46:23

At least you're not the Uncut Virgin. Which is slightly more harrowing than the Uncut Version, Girls seem to have a virgin aversion.

NeverHundred responds:

Not all girls. Some girls really are into the idea of a virgin... but it might just be the idea.


2012-12-14 22:40:47

Girls work in mysterious ways. Whatever we think they like, they like the opposite.

But that's Human ze Beings for ya.


2012-12-15 17:37:33


But I still respect you. <3

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

You respect me? ...I should disappoint you. It's what I do best!


2012-12-16 00:30:36

I am a stupid girl.

I am offended.

Please remove this.

NeverHundred responds:



2012-12-16 12:30:01

I had something stupid to say, but it stupidly slipped my mind. I'm sorry for stumbling in here in such a stupor. I'll be back soon with some stew.

NeverHundred responds:

Good luck.


2012-12-16 19:49:16

I had something stupid to spray, but it stupidly squirted my eyes. I'm sorry for stumbling in here, swaying in a half blind stupor. I'll be back soon with some guide dogs.

NeverHundred responds:

And who will guide the guide dogs?


2012-12-17 14:23:18

Girl Guides.

NeverHundred responds:

Girl suicides.


2012-12-17 14:37:51

I have a new song on NG, well techincally it's not a new song, it's a bit of a remake of a song I made in 2009, and I'd point you towards it, but that would be shamelessly self-promoting, and that just wouldn't be me.

Better to find these things blindfolded while stumbling through the dark, bumping into electrified lamprey eels and unreleased Lovecraft scripts.

NeverHundred responds: lbrFWuB6s

Speaking fo things done in the dark, someone lamped my eel last night... if you know what I'm saying.


2012-12-18 18:30:04

The Youtube link wouldn't work for me, I just couldn't afford to pay it's salary.

But no, seriously, it doesn't work.

But yes, it does when I manually enter the Youtube link into Google.

Now I see the song Call Me by Blondie. I can't help but think she used a time travel machine to enter the future, saw that I called my song Call Me and got inspired, then she went back in time and released a song called Call Me.

Time travel is a great way of avoiding copyright and libel.

NeverHundred responds:

And you're liablel to get a beating!


2012-12-18 22:14:38

Oh my Dogs, not the knuckle duster treatment again. My nose has just finished healing.

Am I now liable for free health insurance?

NeverHundred responds:

The noise that the nose knows.


2012-12-19 02:41:00

Alright, I'm back, and I've brought some stupid stew. But why drink that when we can drink this smart stew instead? I also have sock stew and shoe stew, not to mention snow stew and slow stew. Take your pick - I have a slew of stews!

NeverHundred responds:

You're the devil! HFjNbcrWc


2012-12-19 20:23:04

All this talk of stirring a large slew of stews, surely isn't considered news? But stew-related news is what generates a high number of views. Especially the cruel chef who threw a high number of shrews into his slew of stews and strew a large mixture onto each plate, before the diners like Stewie Griffin starting spewing, developed sickness and diarrhoea and started pooing, and the Italian waiter was like, "Whata' you all a' doing?!?!"

But to be fair, the whole slew stew spew incident made good viewing.


2012-12-20 23:41:36

That's right, I came up from the deepest depths of Hell to present these stews to you! The weather is always very hot down there, which makes it an ideal place for cooking up stew.


2012-12-21 02:43:40

You should change your name to Stuart, because you have turrned making stew into an art form. All those years of cooking practice have finally paid off.

Satan Stew, I'll order that one. It's so hot, it should be called Sun Tan Stew.


2012-12-25 14:11:49

You are not disappoint. What is disappoint is my meal at this small Turkish diner the other day. I was all like, maan, where is my falafel and summer-squash rice pilaf, and then they were all like: This is turkey, you fucking faggot. Eat a tuna sandwich.


NeverHundred responds:

Really? You're in Turkey? Are you in Istanbul? I have a friend who is literally in Istanbul right today.


2012-12-26 04:57:44

Turkish Delighted.