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Entry #133

Hair cut for the hair sluts.

2013-01-04 11:36:05 by NeverHundred

Yeah, and this happened.

I need to get into some explainations here. I've always had longer hair, at the shortest I kept it a bit past my ears. I went to hang out with some friends and one of them wanted to get a hair cut so we stopped at supercuts or whatever and I'm like, "Well, why the hell not. I need to reset this shit!" So I asked them to cut it. They're like "What kind of style are you going for." I'm like, "Shorter, I don't know. Whatever." And so that's what I got.

Women have decided I'm slightly more tolerable since I've gotten my hair cut. I'm not used to the attention, even though it's pretty modest at best. Nothing too exciting, but I'm used to being completely ignored by the ladyfolk so it's more than I'm used to.

So... adventures in hair happenings.

Hair cut for the hair sluts.


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2013-01-04 12:21:31

hehe nice :D

NeverHundred responds:

I don't think I know who you are.


2013-01-04 14:19:37

You look like Tom Green now.

NeverHundred responds:

I don't think you know who that is.


2013-01-04 15:13:28

Tom Green! He's the one you know... who... you know.. was in like one of those.. you know.. things.. I... well... and... but you know...

(I don't know who he is).

NeverHundred responds:

He's a fixation the drives someone into that spiral of silver teeth!


2013-01-05 07:32:38

Not bad! Keep the beard going, IN ALL OF ITS SPLENDOR!

NeverHundred responds:



2013-01-05 10:46:46

Wispy beard man, wispier than a Wispa chocolate bar.

But still.. you don't frighten me boy!

Care for a game of rock, scissors, paper.. knife.


Oh shit, now you do frighten me!!

NeverHundred responds:

My beard is not wispy, it's quite robust if I do say so myself. Now can you please stop me from stabbing myself for the ninth time.


2013-01-06 05:00:36

People always say, 'how can put up with a beard man? They are so itchy." The irony is that being completely clean-shaven is much itchier.

People always say, "Ohh, you can never trust a man with a beard, always got something to hide." Well duh of course! Cheekbones.

I think it's becoming a common theme that people always have something to say about beards. But it's never anything nice is it? Why can't they just once, show some love for the natural facial growth that accompanied us in those cold caveman times?

Wait a minute! The beard nearly stabbed you? Those fucking stupid, useless beards! Never helped anybody in their lives have they!!

I'm so angry, I must perform a contained pirate roar, irately.

NeverHundred responds:

To be fair I started it. Me and my beard play stabby games all the time.


2013-01-07 03:36:37

Stabby Stubble.

What about the 'bit of moustache accidentally gone in my mouth' game? That's a good one. Also the 'taking t-shirt off as it sticks to a beard hair and pulls painfully' game.

Those without beards are missing out.


2013-01-07 17:18:08

Cute. feathered look quite suite you! The beard makes you looks like a murderer though. trim it!
ladyfolk opinion.

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

I live in Maine, everyone has a beard. It's probably why I'm not having trouble getting attention. But if I did shave my beard than my chin fat would be visible and I don't want to deal with that. I don't know why but that's just were all my fat goes. And that is why I have the beard.


2013-01-08 11:28:12

Phat chin, chin Phat.
Don't be afraid of that chin Phat,
Phat skin, skin Phat,
Don't be afraid of that skin Phat.


2013-01-08 22:33:15

n***a we almost have the exact same glasses