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2013-01-10 03:08:40 by NeverHundred

I published a story on a website that's probably best known for erotica.

The story is called Dating Site. It's about a guy with terrible luck with the woman folk. Here's an excerpt. "I opened the refrigerator intending to take some the eggs and bacon... but the idea of eating those things suddenly repulsed me." He masturbates a little bit in the story but it really doesn't go into enough detail to get anyone excited. It's a dumb story, and I'm ashamed... terribly terribly ashamed. I should probably never speak of it. Especially given the site that published the story. Also the main character gets turned into a woman. Because that's what this story site is focused on.

Yeah, just felt like writing that kind of story. But just to be clear, my story IS NOT erotic. It's just a guy, who's suddenly a girl. Because................... reasons.


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2013-01-10 21:24:57

It's okay, we all like traps too, nobody is judging.

NeverHundred responds:

Damn it, I thought I was going to cause a stir. Rustle some jimmies... but the jimmies remain unrustled.