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Grumpy Obama

2013-01-17 04:58:41 by NeverHundred

Grumpy Obama quotes.

"Grumpy Cat hates everything? Fuck it, I like him."
"I won an election once, it was awful."
"Heard you were having a party so I sent a drone strike."
"Fiscal Cliff, I have to side with Republicans on this one."

Grumpy Obama


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2013-01-17 14:43:01

I once fell off a fiscal cliff, it wasn't pretty let me tell you.

I didn't have enough money for my leg operations. Luckily we have the free NHS in this country......

... Which is shit.

... So I guess luckily was the wrong word to use. 'Doomed' I think is more appropriate.

NeverHundred responds:

Doomed we have the free NHS in this country. what?


2013-01-17 16:32:50

i love 2 eat a fiscal cliff bar heeheeheeheeheehee ooh hee hee ohh oohh hee

NeverHundred responds: ances/250x250/31441261.jpg


2013-01-21 16:15:49

NHS, it stands for the National Health Service, it's just something you get for free without having to pay medical bills.

It's never benefitted me though, so until it does, I'll continue to lambaste it, but I wont use my hands to lambaste it incase I get an injury, and then who do I turn to eh!!

... That's right... Injury Lawyers 4 U.

Injury Nietzlawyers 4 Me... Sadly. I need these hands, I'll have to get them insured for twenty million big ones.

And when I say big ones, I don't mean bigger hands in some kind of warped giant hand transplant, that's just not me man.. don't say it is man! I can't go around for the rest of my life with giant sponge hands with an index finger pointing upwards, it'll look like I'm supporting every single cause out there...

... Even the good causes. And you know me Eric, I don't support good causes, only atrocities like the distruction of Geocities.

Anyways, back to the lab. See you in the funny pages.