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Entry #137

At the hipster dance club

2013-01-22 06:30:40 by NeverHundred

Mathew Dear

Mt Sims (Leila)

Com Truise


Zeds Dead


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2013-01-23 21:45:24

My old headphones broke a few days ago, something loose inside. So I went and got some Sony earmuffs, the wire is not as flimsy and they are a pretty decent pair of headphones, especially the bass, which literally shakes my face all over the place.

Com Truise, Now that's good. The good nuise is that these new headphones will allow me to enjoy this cover song blog in full, uncut, uncensored, brutal, raw, bloody HD.

And that's just the foreword I wrote for your blog!


2013-01-24 00:21:18

lame videos and fuck you motherfucker!

NeverHundred responds:

Thanks for your input. I can tell you're an intelligent young person with a great taste in music. :D