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Entry #141


2013-03-03 16:29:36 by NeverHundred

The hedgehog, such a sad animal. A lonely animal, and one who when neglected becomes ill-tempered and anti-social. How is this? Why are there so many sad lonely hedgehogs who hate the world, who push away all there friends and cannot find love and happiness. Did you know though, that hedgehogs get cold. They need the warmth of another hedgehog. But as we all know those damn quills get in the way.

And the hedgehog doesn't want to hurt anyone, but that's what they end up doing.

I feel like a hedgehog. I've been acting self-destructive. Pushing people away. Hurting people who try to help, it's prickly situation. But I'll be better off for it, stronger and maybe next time I'll get things right.

I'm planning on leaving. Not really leaving Newgrounds, but Bangor Maine, probably leave Maine while I'm at it.


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2013-03-03 21:36:59

You'll never leave Newgrounds, it's like Silent Hill, once you wander into it, there is no hope of escape. For the next 60 years, we all just walk away blank and disconsolate, trying to find meaning and self-purpose, only to realise that there is no meaning and purpose, this is our hell, our limbo, to forever be bound within the trappings of a website.

But it's a bloody good website! And I wouldn't want to feel any other way.

Now then, while we are here in limbo talking about the daily humdrum, beating our damn doll drums. We should have a chat about hedgehogs. I had a hedgehog in my garden last summer looking for food. So I thought, 'you know what' I'm going to start putting out food and nuts for it to eat, and sure enough, it came back every single night at exactly the same time. It was quite an endearing little creature, a bond developed, until November came around and the hedgehog went into hibernation. I'm hoping we will see him again this summer. It made me think about hibernation, just think of all the stress that you miss out on, it's awesome. No problems. Hopefully, he will return soon and can resume from where he left off, eating nuts and avoiding lungworm.

.. Wait a minute, you're leaving Bangor Maine? There is always a spare room here if you want one. It's quite a cool room really, nicely decorated, portrait on the wall with eye holes. What?!?! There's nothing suspicious about that!!!

NeverHundred responds:

It's nice that hedgehogs can still make friends. Although they are known to carry parasites. If I had a passport and I was over up in the neighborhood of Great Britain I'd probably stop by and visit you and your hedgehog friend.


2013-03-04 19:33:57

If you're passing by Blackburn? The only time a person needs to 'pass by' Blackburn is if they get accidentally lost, were drunk at the time or had just been discharged from the brain transplant lab.

NeverHundred responds:

Sometimes the best way to find new things is to get lost.


2013-03-05 20:05:21

Leaving Maine may help you push away that rain cloud hanging over your head. But there may several ways to alleviate the pain, and I hope you find the best one.


2013-03-05 20:09:02

But there may BE several ways to alleviate the pain. That's what I wanted to say.

Now I'm the one who could use some pain relief, for I've just flogged myself as punishment for my typing error.

NeverHundred responds:

Who knows what will make me feel better.


2013-03-05 22:06:31

You can't be the real Jack. The old Jack wouldn't make typing errors.

Are you a new ProtoTYPE Jack?

Damn, that pun doesn't work.. on sooo many levels.

NeverHundred responds:

An existential level.


2013-03-08 23:11:13

It could work on an existential level. But who knows?

I know.

But why?

Because I just don't that's why and I never said I did.


I'm not a liar. I'm simply stating a few fabricated home truths.