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Coasting through life, Neverhundred reviews coasters: The Deer Coaster.

2013-04-02 20:14:29 by NeverHundred

Today I'm going to do a review, and it's not of a cover song. It's of this intriguing coaster.

It's shape is circular which is practical and matches with the shape of most glasses that we drink from. It's thin, eggshell white with a depiction of an elk. It appears to have some texture which I think adds to it's overall appearance. The elk is drawn or painted on in black, it's position in the center of the coaster allows for maximum contrast. It's an excellent focal point design. The elk implies that this coaster would welcome a glass holding a nice alcoholic beverage or perhaps a fruit juice for the kids.

And as for the function of the coaster, well... it's a damn coaster, I think you can figure it out. Enjoy!

Coasting through life, Neverhundred reviews coasters: The Deer Coaster.


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2013-04-02 20:52:28

I wonder if elks have coasters with pictures of humans on, which they eat leaves off?

It really is weird you should mention deer today as when I was walking with my brother to the curry place, we pass through a back field and at about 7pm yesterday, we saw four deer in the trees, hiding, well standing still, very shyly. It was one of my favourite things I've seen in a while.

I'd heard that the woodland had suddenly started getting deer for about a year now, but had not actually seen any until yesterday. My brother got a picture on his phone. The strange thing about the woodland behind my house is that it's not exactly miles and miles of open land, it's a very small woodland where it is so easy to run out through some trees and you're on to a busy street full of traffic.

All I can say is that I wish those deer well, now, and in the future. They look better roaming around like that, than they do on a plate as venison.

NeverHundred responds:

It's true. Nature is the bees knees.


2013-04-02 21:39:28

Then there is the hedgehog in my garden, the robin in my garden.

It's all good.

Urban sprawl is a plague.

NeverHundred responds:

Hedgehog friends.


2013-04-03 00:22:20

Stay happy!

NeverHundred responds:

Stay slappy.


2013-04-03 13:29:06

Do you reckon it's possible just to coast through life without any worries once you acquire one of these coasters? We could even roll it down a hill.

That would be the ultimate roll a coaster theme park ride of a lifetime. But only because we didn't have enough money to get into an actual theme park.

Well you know what they say, 'you gotta make your own fun.' Or as Cass Elliot would say, 'you gotta make your own kind of music.' But some people can't, some people are not privileged enough to own a Korg Kronos or FL Studio. So how the hell are we supposed to make our own kind of music, when we can't even afford to make our kind of muesli!