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Entry #148

I'm listening to edgy music

2013-06-20 13:41:38 by NeverHundred

The Knife.

The Sword.

Edgy in a hypothetical literate sense.


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2013-06-25 17:24:18

You're on the ledge of a building, listening to edgy music, eating egg and muesli.

Well that's what you'd usually, be doing if you weren't at home, Using, Abusing. But most of all Musing, which I find amusing.

The sword. The knife. I see a connection! I see.. er... I see... oh my god... blood!!

NeverHundred responds:

Sounds like you cut yourself on your own revelations. That's why I avoid eye contact highs.


2013-06-27 09:19:17

Revelations Revelations, let us revel and bask in our Revelations. Like the story of the guy who fell off a horse. Oh wait, that's not a Revelation, that's a Christopher Reevelation.

NeverHundred responds:

Too soon guy, tooooooooo soooooooooon... to swoon.... off of a horse.


2013-06-27 10:53:26

I need to get off my high horse.

No, not get off in 'that' way!

NeverHundred responds:

Get off that horse or else you'll get hoarse.


2013-06-29 19:57:36

Saddle sores of the mouth.


2013-06-29 21:02:41

hey there never


2013-07-03 19:08:03

I've just realised that this whole reel is filled with lies and Minella. My Nella, your Nella, every damn body fella. Even Donna. Genetically modified mods too terrified to run amok amongst a land populated by Gunslingers from the 1970s Wild West.

The only thing wild about the West was the nothing nothings. You can't fuck with the nothing nothings, they are absolutely unstoppable and unhindered in their quest to set up a Triangle Fingers Dictatorship.

Man this whiskey is good stu....... hic.

NeverHundred responds:

Typical writer always writing.


2013-07-03 23:33:36

Typical drinker always drinking. Typical writer always linking, words together, typewriter. But what type of writer are you? The right type for the job.. apparently. A parent called Lee? Bruce. Sprucing up the bedroom, Spice up your life. Splice up those frames.


2013-07-04 15:34:26

Typical fighter always fighting. Typical doctor always doctoring.. the paperwork in order to appear like a real doctor. But he's not a real doctor, he's just a real doctorer. Now he has killed SIX of the patients. SIX Victims all in the space of an hour, three of them called VICTORIA, and the other three called TIM.

Typical liar always lying. That doctor never killed anyone, I'm just jostling wit ya' Rummel.

NeverHundred responds:

Whoa whoa whoa, doctors do not simplydoctor all over the place. That's not how doctors opperate... unless they're, you know... surgeons. Surgeons do operations, they operate. But most doctors just have doctorates and that's okay too. They just sit there, and be useless... after eight years of school there just isn't anything left for them. It's sad really.


2013-07-05 22:23:47

It's true. Doctors do operations, that's just how they roll... patients on gurneys down to the operating theatre. But obviously not a theatrical theatre where people can buy tickets to watch the show. That would be sick.

But ironically, so are the patients.

NeverHundred responds:

In America if you're an organ doner, sometimes they just take the organs even before a person is dead. Dead people are worth more than living people.