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Some of my favorite animated music videos.

2013-12-14 13:55:09 by NeverHundred

I'll start this off with somthing obvious. The Arctic Monkeys are everyone's favorite indie band or whatever.

This has to be my favorite song by them, but I have to admit, I'm more impressed with the music video than the song itself. The song is simple and the video seems to start off simple as well. But as the song picks up energy and depth the animations become increasingly complex. The Knife makes some of the most horrifying music videos. I remember watching this a year ago and being thoroughly terrified.  

Yeah there's some BDSM undertones to make things a bit more uncomfortable for vanilla minded people. But damn, it's just a scary music video over all!

If that seemed a little trippy than it's only getting trippier. Next I want to show you this Lorn music video is the one for the ever sparkly and happy song Ghosst(s)  

I really like that style, the way things morph makes for an especially interesting flow of the graphical animation with the rhythm, melody and tone of the music. This animation originally made for a Blockhead music video is similar.  

Very nice... but could it be improved on? Apparently, I think that who ever thought to put it to Zeds Dead's remix of The Moody Blues Nights in White Satin really hit the tone and expression of the video right on.  

Another great video of transformation evolution and visual psychodelia. The animation is perfectly influenced and reflective of the music in this song called Love and Theft by Heiko Maile.  

Yeah, at the moment I've got nothing to top that.


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2013-12-15 00:34:03

Lies! all lies! my favorite indie band is Soul Coughing! even if ‎Mike Doughty is one hell of a despicable obnoxious egocentric bastard who is full of himself...

I agree i also liked more the one from The Knife over The Arctic Monkeys, BDSM? it can be scary or supremely scary depending on what tickles your jimmies....

Wow the one by Lorn is way waaaaaaay cooler, it may not be as creepy as the one by the Knife (well maybe that is just me) but goddamn it was cool, i am loving that animation! here is the directors page it has even more of that goodness!

A futuristic surrealist approach of the conflict between technology and nature, in the form of manipulative entertainment, god-fucking mindblow! that was an eye-garms! i had to subscribe Anthony Francisco Schepperd for such wonderful work i will stalk him on vimeo, at this point i will start to think that anything will go with such awesomeness, that's my stuff!

And just when i was sure there was nothing better... this appears, the reference, so many of them, i agree, i totally agree, i am totally biased as consumed into that video, so much i too am unable to thing of nothing better, it was just great, of course as expected i will stalk the studio Filmbilder in both YouTube and Vimeo, so good, it seems that this guy Andreas Hykade, is quite famous, but is no wonder that he is!

An awesome post Mr. Neverhundred, an awesome post! is a pity that we can favorite these blogs, so i will bookmark it and use it as a forum weapon for animated-music-videos related discussions.

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

Animation is especially powerful as it allows for some truly flawless and dramatic syncopation.

BDSM is quite a thing... Sometimes being scared is sexy. Don't get me started on my experiences with BDSM, I really don't want to go there.

Also I'm glad you found this useful, entertaining or whatever. I felt like I should do more research and exposition about the artisits, animators and the musicians. I mean at least the musicians, I'm kind of a music guy.
But it probably deserved more words. I just have not been in a writing mood unfortunately.


2013-12-15 00:37:34

I got so exited that reading back the majority of my words make no sense... but that just helps to reflect my excitement better!

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

Story of my god damned life really. I'm so used to incoherency that it all made sense to me.


2013-12-15 10:48:25

Don't worry man for some one who is not in the mood this is quite the post, i did some research myself about the animators, i guess i am more of a visual guy, but don't get me wrong the music was great too, is just that the animation was so superb!

Indeed i found it quite useful, the more reference i get the better i can develop myself and my tastes.

Sexy scares? oh no forget about it, i really don't wan't to know, lets leave it as a thing for another day. Though i am a bit curious.... na, better not.

NeverHundred responds:

Yeah, I'm not saying anything more about my kinkster experiences. A kinkster never kisses and tells, unless that's what they're into.


2013-12-15 20:24:30

At the moment, you've got nothing to top that. Except a top hat, which was stolen by Top Cat... during a recession (worst time) with nobody to get it back.

Do I Wanna Know is a really catchy tune. I've never heard it before, so you've brought something new to my ears. Makes me feel pumped and energised.. like stomping down the street. It reminds me of an Eminem track, but I can't remember which one... Edit: Yes I do.. Cold Wind Blows.

It's weird, I don't feel disturbed by The Knife video, does that make me disturbing? Leg spreaders, gimp masks, posture collars. As long as it's safe, sane and consensual it's cool. Or consensually non-consensual, or nonsensical like this whimsical post full of whips and sickles. The video is really innocent looking to me, maybe that is why you found it terrifying, because it's showing extreme concepts in a playful way.

You have given me some food for thought, it's made me feel like attempting a psychodelic piece of music. Maybe.. Maybe.. Maybe.. Bayme.

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

Giant birds ripping the heads off of people... I wouldn't consider that playful. But then again I've found that Taurus people are the most susceptible or curious about BDSM culture. It's a sensual sign that one.


2013-12-16 02:02:32

Well like i said Mr @nietzlawe it all depends on what tickles your jimmies, so maybe some may even find that video as sexy... or normal/average/innocent looking/whimsical, not disturbing at all, but one thing is sure, you must bring that song into the world, create di psychodelic music! give us dat trip!

Is all about fetishes i see, there is a world out there, but what is a kinkster?
Wait i can Google it, lets see... oh, OH, damn! say no more, say. No. More. Those hooks must hurt...

(Updated ) NeverHundred responds:

They're really cool people to hang out with.


2013-12-16 13:25:11

A kinkster is a Kinks fan I assume? Or have I misunderstood the question?

Let me Google it.......... oh, OH, my fucking word! Say no more. Are those things really supposed to stretch that far!?!

NeverHundred responds:

You never know unless you try.


2013-12-17 21:11:01

Is a combination of hot people and ice cold bandages... you know to stop the swelling...
So i guess it is true, they must be quite cool haha.


2013-12-18 10:33:01

I am a Taurus and there is nothing I can do to change history. It's written in the stars... In fact the stars are lights for the name of the BDSM club.

Yeah, but c'mon Eric. Giant 'cartoon' birds ripping the heads off people. I love birds, most of the time I'm feeding them in the back garden. Okay, if a giant pterodactyl with one eye and the tentacles of Cthulhu swooped down at me, I'd be fucking terrified. Scared fucking shitless, running for my life man, shouting, "whatt did I everrr doo too youuu!" But that bird would have no mercy and my head would be gone... In fact... I...

You've given me an idea for a story now.

NeverHundred responds:

"Why this happen!"
seriously... why happen this thing.


2013-12-18 14:51:57

Don't ask why. Ask when, where and how.

I'm still trying to figure it out... Like this Rubik Cage that I'm stuck in. Doesn't even have a lock on the door. Apparently, the whole side has to be the same colour before it'll open and let me out. Pfft. Pftt! and Double PFFT!

NeverHundred responds:

I'm not a journalist anymore. Those days are behind me.


2013-12-24 22:47:53

I found out one that can compete with "Love & Theft" and is from the same animation studio, give it a look: