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This band has been around for several decades. Originally created in the late sixties. The first half of their existance is a testiment of experimental, avant-garde and dadaist music. Starting in the late eighties they really started focusing on creating grand concept albums, their sound was and continues to be bizarre but also beautiful. Some of their greatest concept albums include Tweedles, Bunny Boy and God in Three Persons, the last one being the beginning of their cleaner but still strangly alluring sound. God in Three Persons, an abum I can discribe as stripped down in many places, the vocals consist of a lot of narration with some backing vocals. The musical consistancy is much more apparent on this album than any other Resident albums before it and even since.

Tweedles has similar narrative approuch and tackles similar themes. The narrator who's name in Mr X, in God in Three Persons is exploiting conjoined twins. He has felt love and loss though, and he becomes infatuated with one of the twins. In the end Mr. X comes to make a startling discovary about not just their nature but also his own.
Tweedles, is more eclectic and complicated musically, thematically the narrator is not as redeemable. Although one who listens to his story might come to understand the source of his internal struggles and the reason for his cynical outlook, the damage he causes to others not to mention himself seems to be more destructive than lost dreams and a broken childhood could excuse. He has his sympathetic moments, but his nihilism and desregard for the damage he brings on a daily basis makes him a repugnant character. Although I do appreciate that the strings of his malevelance are shown.

Bunny Boy is an album that seems less tangable than the other two, as the main character seems to be less stable and self aware than Tweedles. I'm not sure what is real and what is fantasy in the Bunny Boy album, there are several references to the coming end of the world. The narrator talks about anti-social behavior, it is implied he has difficulty relating to people and prefers the company of animals, especially rabbits. At times he comes off as completely innocent and naive. Dreams and fantasies seem to also be a consistant theme in the album. Much like Tweedles who's ambitions where unfulfilled it seems that Bunny wanted to become a butcher, but for some reason he never could. He also has a obsession which may be unconscious with voilence and gore, when grousome events are told they're almost always explained as dreams. I don't believe that Bunny ever kills anyone, but it seems that he may be capable of it despite his appaerant innocuous nature. At least that's how I feel other people might percieve him. They'd think him strange but not capable of harming others... unless he talked about how he wanted to be a butcher when he was a child, or shared his unsettling dreams with them.

It seems to me that these concept albums are very much character studies. They create individuals, Tweedles and Mr. X seem to do things that are incomprehensibly monstrous. But it attempts to explain why they behave in such horrible ways.

It does a very good job of this. As far as this subject goes The Crossed a graphic novel, is also a suburb example. The Crossed takes place after a plague suddenly infects hundreds or thousands of people. This plague turns these individuals into sado-massachistic seriel killers that are driven to murder-fuck what's left of humanity. And if someone were to survive a brutal incounter with a crossed, they will be infected and quickly become crossed themselves.
Aside from the demonic cruelty that the crossed are capable of we also witness the moral and ethical sacrifices that the survivors must take. In one story a group of surivors kills several children in cold blood rather than having to deal with the responibilities and liabailities that come with bringing them along. In many other stories survivors put up with other survivors who are almost as bad as the crossed, perhaps even worse because they are compatent. Even though they use there positions of power to rape, torture and kill others. The crossed shows us what the worst humanity has to offer not only with the plagued individuals that have the compulsion to act out the most heinous crimes we could imagine but also in the fact that what's left of humanity often finds that it must mimic those actions in order to insure survival.

I think the other thing that really digs into my gut about the crossed is that although they behave in a way that would make you think of them as other than human, they seem to retain a bit of their humanity with some ability to speak, although they seem to use that to provoke, tuant and intimadate and also with some recollection of who they once were. It's like their the same person they were, only now they are a psychopath with an infinite hunger for destruction.

Zombies aren't as horrifying. A zombies humanity is stripped away, and that might be terrifying in a way but it's easy to say that the person that zombie once was is no more. Also zombies are typically slow, rotting and they only eat their victims, which is terrible, one of my biggest fears is cannabalism. The crossed have no compunction to cannabalsim, they will happily chow down on human flesh... but it doesn't stop there. They're happy to torture, rape, murder, hunt all the while they laugh viciously enjoy every sickening second of their eternal sluagher.

So, anyone have anything light to say to counter this?

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